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Welcome to my Translation Blog!

A person using a laptop. The image is zoomed in on the laptop and only the person's hands can be seen.

Who am I?

My name is Zoe. I'm a professional Japanese-English translator and linguist based in Western Australia.

I knew that I wanted to be a translate when I first started studying Japanese at high school in 2002.

After living in Japan for 9 years and getting my Japanese to a high enough level, I was finally able to pass JLPT N1, the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

This gave me confidence in my language ability, so I moved back to Australia and enrolled in a translation degree to finally follow my dream.

I graduated with a Master of Translation Studies (Japanese) with Distinction from the University of Western Australia in December 2022.

During my studies, I maintained a perfect GPA, was awarded an AUSIT Student Excellence Award and was even valedictorian at graduation!

Zoe Womack wearing a graduation gown and giving a valedictory address at a podium.
Giving my valedictory speech at graduation, University of Western Australia, December 2022

Watch my valedictory speech on YouTube!

The YouTube video has subtitles available in both English and Japanese.

About EZo Translation

I set up my own translation business, EZo Translation at the beginning of 2023.

EZo is pronounced like the letter "E" followed by "Zo". It is an anagram of my name and sounds like 良いぞ, the Japanese word for "It's great!"

Considering my passion for perfection, love of doing in-depth research, and knack for grammar, I think that it's the perfect name for my business!

You can read more about EZo Translation here.

The EZo Translation logo. It's the letters "EZO" artistically written to look like a butterfly hovering over a flower. The logo is purple and has a slight shadow behind it.
EZo Translation logo

What is my blog about?

I have a lot of ideas for posts, such as:

  • Advice for aspiring translators

  • Life as a freelance translator

  • Informative posts about the translation industry

  • Differences between Japanese and English

  • Tips for language learners

  • My life in Japan and Australia

  • Events I've been to (eg. international events such as the Japan Festival in Perth, networking events, professional development events, etc.)

and other similar topics.

If you have any suggestions or requests for blog topics, please feel free to leave a comment or vote in the poll at the end of this post!

Why did I start this translation blog?

I'm very passionate about translation, and often give advice and encouraging comments to others looking to get into the profession.

In May 2023, I received a message on Reddit from someone who had seen some of my comments and urged me to start a blog.

I've come across some of your valuable comments and I would like to thank you a lot for those pieces of advice that you give.
sometimes, when I fall upon some difficulties, I just tell myself that I am wasting my time and the profession is already full. By just reading you, I regain confidence in myself and this pushes me to work so hard to accomplish my dream of becoming a professional translator.
some people need to hear those positive thoughts that you express about the future of translation.

(Excerpts of messages I received from a Redditor. Minor grammatical errors have been amended for readability.)

Comment and vote for topics you want to see more of!

Make sure to follow my blog if you enjoy reading about translation and language!

You're welcome to comment your thoughts or questions about anything I've discussed, and add any suggestions you may have for future posts.

If you have a particular topic you want to see more of, make sure to vote in the poll below:

What topics do you want to see?

  • Tips for translators

  • Insights about the translation industry

  • Life as a freelance translator

  • Language learning tips

You can vote for more than one answer.

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