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EZo Translation

Translation & Linguistic Services

Zoe Womack Master of Translation Studies UWA graduation. EZo Translation. Professional Japanese to English Translator. Australian English linguist.

Zoe Womack
Master of Translation Studies (Japanese)


Perth, Australia AWST
(UTC +8:00)

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Contact Form

Fill in the contact form below with details about your enquiry.

Thanks for your enquiry!
I'll look over the details you submitted and get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you requesting a translation?

Details to Provide

For translation requests, please provide as much information as you can about the following:

  • Type of document
    (e.g., novel, website, brochure, CV/résumé, blog post)

  • Topic/Industry
    (e.g., business, marketing, gaming, electronics, hospitality)

  • Purpose of the translation
    (e.g., marketing to international customers, education, entertainment)

  • Target audience
    (e.g., customers, colleagues abroad, readers in the US)

  • English variety
    (British English, US English, Australian English)

  • Length
    (Approximate word/character count, number of pages, length of video, etc.)

  • Other Instructions
    (Any style guides, glossaries, etc. that you'd like me to follow*)

*I may be able to offer you a discount for providing reference materials such as style guides, glossaries, or previous translations of similar materials (if they result in a reduction in time spent doing research, etc.)

This information will assist me in providing you with an accurate quote, and the highest quality translation possible.

About Privacy

Please be aware that you may be asked to send me the document(s) to be translated prior to receiving your quote. This is so I can confirm the subject matter and number of Japanese characters in the text, as well as identify any possible issues to clarify with you before starting the translation. (e.g., To check if possibly irrelevant text may be omitted, lowering the cost for you).

Rest assured that all of your documents and personal information will be kept confidential, and any personal files will be removed from my computer following completion of the project and payment of invoices. Your files will also be removed in the event that you decide to withdraw your request.

I adhere to the AUSIT Code of Ethics and Conduct for translators and interpreters in Australia.
Please see the section on Confidentiality (screenshot below) for more details.

AUSIT Code of Ethics and Conduct, Confidentiality English

AUSIT Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, (2012), Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators Inc, page 8. 
Full text available here.

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Contact me

Contact me today for a quote or more information!
You can reach me via email (
), phone (+61 415 806 690), social media
or by filling in the Contact Form above.

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